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 Xinxiang City- Link Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in studying and producing wet nonwoven fabrics. The company, founded in September 2013 with a registered capital of 3 million Yuan, is located in the Industry Cluster District of Huojia County, Xinxiang. Before registered, cooperating with Kegao Company Ltd attached to Henan Academy of Sciences, the company has commenced studying the wet non-woven productive technology. After nearly a year of laboratory tests basic data for industrial production has been obtained, and after another three years of pre-production, a series of problems, such as uneven fiber dispersion, weight instability, forming a unique, scientific and complete production process, has been solved. This study has filled in the technical blanks of China. At present, the company mainly produces wet nonwoven fabrics from 18 grams to 80 grams which are mainly for the production of battery separator fabric, sanitary materials, precision filter paper and non-woven fabric wallpaper.


Battery separator fabric: The non-woven fabrics produced by adopting wet process have excellent expansibility with tension less than 20N/5cm and the fiber is evenly distributed. Therefore, they can be used in the production of alkaline manganese, zinc, silver, nickel hydrogen battery separator by replacing imported products to reduce production costs and strengthen market competitiveness.

Hygienic Materials: Non-woven wet fibers produced by our company, purely made from chemical fiber which is non-toxic, odorless, harmless, well-proportioned, breathable and elastic, can be used to produce high-grade disposable masks, medical tape, herbs tisanes bag, tea bags and other hygiene products instead of importedproducts.

High Precision filter paper: Filter paper produced by our company is purely made from chemical fiber with the technique of wet process. The fiber distribution is even, vertical and horizontal tension difference is small and this kind of filter paper can withstand acid, alkali, oil, water , high temperature ( able to work for a long time at a temperature of 130 ).Compared with the filter paper produced with dry production process such as melt-blown, spun-bond, etc.the fiber distribution of high precision filter paper is more even and the micro pore size is more consistent. Therefore, the low-weight wet paper can be used in place of high-weight dry filter paper. In this way, not only can the quality of filter be improved, the costs of the production can also be reduced. It can be widely used in industrial oil filtrationas fluid grinding , emulsion filtration , oil drawing , oil insulating , oil grinding, etc. and also be used inother filtration industries like air filtration and other solid-liquid separation filtration.


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