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WNFP-40cm Width Length 100M

WNFP-40cm Width Length 100M


Filter paper produced by Xinxiang City- Link Technology Co., Ltd. ispurely made from chemical fiber with the technique of wet process. The fiber distribution is even, vertical and horizontal tension difference is small and this kind of filter paper can withstand acid, alkali, oil, water , high temperature ( able to work for a long time at a temperature of 130 ).Compared with the filter paper produced with dry production process such as melt-blown, spun-bond, etc.the fiber distribution of high precision filter paper is more even and the micro pore size is more consistent. Therefore, the low-weight wet paper can be used in place of high-weight dry filter paper. In this way, not only can the quality of filter be improved, the costs of the production can also be reduced. It can be widely used in industrial oil filtrationas fluid grinding , emulsion filtration , oil drawing , oil insulating , oil grinding, etc. and also be used inother filtration industries like air filtration and other solid-liquid separation filtration.

Applicable scope: metal cutting fluid filtration , grinding fluid filtration , wire drawing oil filtration ,Rolling oil filtration , grinding fluid filtration , lubricating oil filtration, insulating oil filtration and other industrial oil filtration.


1. Excellent tensile strength, low coefficient of variation, advanced technology of web forming process and molding reinforcement which enhances tensile strength, stability and maintains strong initial strength consistent with the initial intensity.

 2. High filter fineness, high usage effectiveness, polyester fiber combined with polyethylene polymer film, filter material selected can meet the user-specified requirements on accuracy.

 3. Filter material cannot be corrodedby cutting fluid, does not change the chemical nature of the cutting fluid and can be normally used from -40 °C to 120 ° C.


4. The chosen Filter material can withstand mechanical forces and temperature, and the fracture strength of filter material used in cutting fluid will not be reduced in wet state.


5. Filter material is demanded to have characteristics as big porosity, low filtration resistanceand greater throughput. At the same time, it is demanded to have strong sink capacity, high filtration efficiency, long service life, filter consumption and filtration costsreduction.



1.Used for vacuum paper tape filter, Hoffman accuracy range tape machines and gravity filter. The precision range is from 7μm to 50μm.

2.Customized for cutting a variety of filter material. The width range of roll paper is from 200mm to 2500mm.

3. A variety of diameters and tube diameters of roll paper. The thickness is from 0.12mm to 0.49mm, weight from 18g / to 100g / .


4 Filtered materials in general are polyester, polypropylene, rayon, polyester, cellulose blends and the like.


5 Requirements of filter paper against wet tensile strength in the filtration process are high.Besides, filter paper should have sufficient strength to pull and bear not only its own weight, but also the weight of the filter cake covered on the surface and the force of the chain’s friction.


6 Here are some should be considered: required filter accuracy when selecting filter paper, specific types of filtration equipment, and the temperature of the coolant, pH and so on.


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